Belgium, a country that got its independence in 1830, is locked in between The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Great Britain. Because of this , Belgium is regarded as the “crossroad” of Europe. Antwerp, Belgium’s major port, is one of the leading gateways to Europe. Ghent and Zeebrugge are the other important ports.

Antwerp is situated at 45 kilometers from Brussels the capital of Belgium and the European Community. It has an age-old tradition as an international commercial, transport and cargo handling centre. The port of Antwerp is connected to the North Sea by the tidal river Scheldt.
The city of Antwerp owns the infrastructure of the port and is responsible for the administration, maintenance, modernization and expansion
The Antwerp port area is only five steaming hours away from the seapilotstation Wandelaar (South) or Middle Steenbank (North). Sea-, river- and dockpilots assist the vessels. Powerful river- and dock tugs are available.

Our office is located in the port of Ghent.