The Netherlands

Land behind the dikes and for the greater part reclaimed from the sea. A small country, but with world’s largest port viz. Rotterdam the so called “Maingate to Europe”. It is evident that Fairway Shipping Agencies headquarters are located here. Other important ports are Amsterdam, Flushing, Terneuzen and Eemshaven.
The port of Terneuzen is situated at the mouth of the canal leading from the river Scheldt to Ghent. The port consists of two separate harbour areas i.e. the Braakman Harbour (Dow Benelux) and the inner harbour behind the locks the so-called canal harbours.

Sluiskil situated about six miles South of Terneuzen is the industrial sub-port of Terneuzen.

The port of Flushing is situated on the world’s busiest shipping route at the entrance of the river Scheldt, 26 miles or three hours from the main Northsea Shipping routes and accessible to large vessels under all weather circumstances and at any season, time or tide.
Throughout the years the port of Flushing has grown to an important, modern, fast and flexible harbour with the possibility to handle all types of vessels. The Schaar of Everingen, a sheltered anchorage, is suitable for bunkering, crewchanges, lightening etc free of harbourdues.
The main port facilities are situated outside the city but within easy reach via the motorway, railways and canals which connect Flushing with the Hinterland.

Rotterdam: Maingate to Europe. The port is located on both sides of the New Waterway, which is an open connection to the North Sea and the river Rhine. The City of Rotterdam is situated about 27 km (or approx. 2-3 steaming hours) from the North Sea.
Seagoing vessels have direct access to the port, without passing any bridges or locks. Same only applies if proceeding towards Dordrecht, Moerdijk or Dintelmond.
Presently the Maasvlakte is being expanded i.e. Maasvlakte II.

The port of Amsterdam is situated on the West coast of the Netherlands in busy Western Europe, flanked by other ports such as Antwerp and Rotterdam in the South and Hamburg and Bremen in the North. It links the rest of the world with the European Common Market.
The port is accessible to vessels with a max. draft of 13m70 and a max beam of 45m00. Ymuiden is accessible with a max draft of 16m50. The Ymuiden locks give access to Amsterdam port area via the North Sea Canal.